Finger Extender

Finger Extender

Innovative stylus designed by Thanko looks like an oversized human thumb.

Finger / thumb extender will help people use large phones with one hand.

Easily reach all parts of the touchscreen and control your iPhone 6 plus.

Thumb Extender

Finger Stylus

Thanko Thumb Extender

Thumb Stylus

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  1. Falcy

    creepy much!

  2. Wow


  3. helium

    Ridiculous. the thumb enclosure will stink just in one day with all the sweat and troublesome to keep additional accessories for everyday usage and the point is under your thumb which does not provide accurate visible view. Just get a pen type stylus integrated device instead!

  4. begem0t

    Trying to fix an improperly used design through disgusting pseudo-design. It’s tasteless, not innovative.

  5. Rudy

    Who is actually going to use that?
    If I see someone using that I will probably judge that person to be a weirdo…

  6. criticaleye

    Maybe an inexpensive toy for small kids?

  7. Gert


  8. Don

    If the phone is to big… get a smaller phone..

  9. Zadaph

    Oh I found this thing in a hotel while I was dining with friend, and what ridiculous ideas we had of its usage. Now I got to know what is this thing, thanks toxel :p

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