Oreo Cookie Portraits

Oreo Cookie Portraits

Judith G. Klausner carves miniature portraits into the white cream filling of Oreo sandwich cookies.

Talented artist transforms delicious cookies into amazing works of art.

Oreo Cookie Portrait

Oreo Cookie Art

Oreo Cookie

Oreo Portraits

Judith Klausner Oreo Art

Oreo Portrait

Oreo Judith Klausner

Oreo Cameo

Oreo Art

Judith Klausner

Oreo Sandwich Cookie

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  1. cole

    I’m surprised that there is no Euros or American coins carved into them

  2. Lilia Smiles

    I never liked eating the cream part in an Oreo, but these I like!

  3. woops

    Now I’m hungry after scrolling down this list.

  4. Sharyn

    Yum! I think I’d eat half the artwork if I tried to do it. They’re so intricate, I’d love to see her process in creating them.

  5. Art of Concept


  6. Betty

    What next!?

  7. Mon Sun

    these are awesome!

  8. tara

    cute and creative but this person kinda looks like he needs a life

  9. MasterOche

    COOKIE! YUM, yum, yum!!!

  10. Douglas

    watch out when the grandkids come over!!

  11. Enrico Martinez

    It is more Yummy
    Than Pretty!

  12. flatsolid

    Tis is merely a perversion of the Cameo art. Humanity has certainly seen a higher level of artistry in this particular field.

  13. steve

    Just wondering if she’s doing all of this with her tongue??

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