Shoes with Faces

Shoes with Faces

Gwen Murphy transforms old shoes into unique characters with scary faces.

The artist uses clay and acrylic paint to give each recycled shoe its own personality and facial expression.

Shoe with a Face

Shoe Character

Clown Face

Shoe Art

Creative Shoes

Shoes Art

Scary Shoes

Stylish Shoes

Sneaker Face

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  1. Alison

    This might be the creepiest posting I’ve seen here.

  2. Bob

    BUT WHY??

  3. Kari Bradshaw

    innovative… but too frightening for me!

  4. Dean

    I will never sleep soundly again.

  5. Jessica

    I agree. This series is extremely disturbing. I am now inclined to burn old shoes.

  6. woops

    I used to think about this when I’d put on my shoes as a kid… but rather than the idea that the shoe is eating my foot, I always felt sorry that I was stuffing my foot in its mouth. Twisted childhood. I know.

  7. Art of Concept

    That’s just weird! As art OK though, I believe they are not to be used…

  8. Jonn


  9. chelsea_fc

    Well, I suppose it gives new meaning to the tongue of a shoe… And it definitely adds some soul… *Ba donk tssss*

  10. Erwin

    It is creepy but I like it

  11. Panache

    I just found what nightmares are made of

  12. Heather

    uhmm… WTF ?

  13. forumlogic

    I can see these ideas being used as part of the set design for a Tim Burton film.

  14. Kimmo

    I have to lock the door to my shoes every night from now on. Thank you very much! Cool idea though :)

  15. chazzzz

    soooooooooo cool, but scary

  16. Ron

    Love the ballet flats one!

  17. LolaPallooza

    Doesn’t it remind of some old cartoon in the 80-90’s, something like a Shoe Village and the characters were shoes…??? It’s “shoe people” i think, not sure…but it was less creepier than those of course,hi,hi,hi…

  18. Moist Popcorn

    I just pooped a little…

  19. ugh

    Disturbing and creepy

  20. Juliee

    lol this is so hillarious! i dont find it creep at all lol i love the creativity it would be good if they were totting or ripped and looked bloody or gory tho lol these are amazin

  21. Jun

    One thing for sure….. they all got long faces…. ahahhaa…

  22. Andrea Vonk

    Wonderfull very original weird but exciting work. As a maskmaker myself I do know how difficult it is to find something not being done a hundred times.

  23. Cory

    The carving is so detailed! i love these, but I must agree with everyone on the creepy part

  24. Lilly

    These are very unique shoes, I love them!

  25. Chedie

    Uhm @_@

    Putting my feet into those…uh. I don’t think so.

  26. jumanicus

    i would collect all of them :D but thats just me

  27. Pat

    LolaPallooza – Are you thinking of the shoe from the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” that got put into the dip?

  28. Raads

    @ Jun: haha, your joke was totally ignored, but it made me smile :).
    and im kinda scared of my sneakers now..

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