Cookie Cup

Cookie Cup

Edible coffee and tea cups designed by Sardi for Italian company Lavazza.

The inside of each cookie cup is coated with sugar icing that acts as an insulator. It makes the cup waterproof and sweetens the beverage.

First you drink the coffee and then you eat… the cup!

Cookie Mug

Lavazza Cookie Cup

Edible Cookie Mug

Lavazza Cookie Mug

Cookie Coffee Cup

Edible Cookie Cup

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  1. Thunk

    Cockie Cup? Whoever let that ad fly is pretty blind lol

  2. Enrico Martinez

    Sometimes for breakfast, I dip cookies or bread then eat it.
    I drink the coffee afterwards.
    As for the article…
    Its good… No more cup to wash afterwards. LOL.

    They should make a biscuit saucer to go with the biscuit cup.

  3. Nisa Zul

    nice.. :)

  4. PaulB

    That ad is pathetic, could they have honestly not come up with a better idea?
    I’m a graphic designer and i would never let something like that go to print.

    As for the cup, YUM! Very cool idea, i just worry that my coffee would get too sweet? Maybe if they had a selection of thin to thick layers (as if to say 1 to 3 sugars?)…

  5. erwin

    like it, but I don’t like sugar in my coffee. But I never tried coffee in my sugar :)

  6. 2LV2


    Ruin a great cup of coffee with Sugar!

    I cannot believe Lavazza actually supported this…..

    Guess I will stick to Illy!

  7. Dominic

    AMAZING! 10/10 for creativity

    2/10 for Advert!

  8. jimbo

    wouldn’t fit a dibetics life style very well… guess I stick with truvia and cream.

  9. James

    @paulB I’m a Graphic designer as well and I would absolutely LOVE to let something like that go to print!! Bahahaha!! I hope it was purposeful though..

    As for the product it’s very cute, but when drinking coffee or tea I would eat a cookie (if at all) and then drink.. Always finish with the drink. However, I think they are a very cute novelty.

  10. Gert

    It’s ok but it’s really not my cup of tea.

    Get it? lol.

  11. Julio

    Once you’ve eaten your cup you may need another coffee to lower it, then you have another cookie cup to eat, it’s an infinite loop!

  12. Crow

    I just want to eat the cup on its own.

  13. avigami

    I thought about this idea when I was drinking coffee one time. But I had no idea how the cookie cup wouldn’t dissolve from the coffee. Now I know. Frosting.

  14. Korky

    Wouldn’t the sugar-coating melt?

  15. Erik

    Were can we buy these cups online. I am living in Spain?

  16. luedriver

    I can’t believe no one mentioned Willy Wonka, that was the first thing that I thought when seeing this…

    …that and why did it take so long for something like this to become real…?

  17. ben

    This reminds me of an add i saw were the coffee cup had caramelle in the middle

  18. Hallie

    Where can you buy these????

  19. Vadim

    Were can we buy these cups online. I am living in Russia???

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