Folding Wall Desk

Folding Wall Desk

Versatile piece of furniture with innovative design can be easily transformed from a stunning wall art into a functional desk.

The Flow Wall Desk designed by Robert van Embricqs is a cool piece of furniture that combines functionality with art.

With just a simple twist, it transforms from a flat piece of wall art into a beautiful wooden desk.

The tabletop is supported by wooden slats, creating a natural and organic look that also serves as a screen for added privacy.

Users can create a separate workspace in their home or office, and when not in use, the desk can be easily folded back into a compact wall art.

Clever design of the Flow Wall Desk allows it to adapt to the changing needs of modern people, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

Flow Wall Desk

Foldable Wall Desk

Robert van Embricqs Flow Wall Desk

Robert van Embricqs Folding Wall Desk

The Flow Wall Desk

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