McDonald’s Fries Bed

McDonalds Fries Bed

Unique bed made by Cecilia Carey for the fans of delicious McDonald’s fries.

McDonald’s bed with headboard made out of removable fries cushions.

Fries Bed

McDonalds Bed

Supersize Bed

Cecilia Carey

Supersize Bed

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  1. Silas

    Quite cute! I would probably end up stacking those fries up to suit however I wanted to sit up or lay down. Actually, it seems pretty smart– You can put your support wherever you want and it has a neat place to go after.

  2. Ashe

    This is nice and all but what about sleep eaters?

    P.S. Does it come with catsup?

  3. Amy

    I’m hungry! My mum would disapprove of that junk!

    But I love it!

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