Micro Paintings by Hasan Kale

Micro Paintings by Hasan Kale

Beautiful artworks painted on insects, coins, food, matchsticks, and other small objects by talented Turkish artist Hasan Kale.

Istanbul based painter uses tiny objects as a canvas for his miniature art.

Butterfly Painting

Tiny Art by Hasan Kale

Feather Painting

Tiny Paintings

Matchstick Painting

Hasan Kale

Micro Paintings

Nut Painting

Paintings by Hasan Kale

Seed Paintings

Micro Painting by Hasan Kale

Miniature Art by Hasan Kale

Fruit Painting

Small Art by Hasan Kale

Sugar Painting

Miniature Paintings by Hasan Kale

Chocolate Painting

Micro Art by Hasan Kale

Candy Painting

Miniature Art

Pill Paintings

Miniature Painting

Small Paintings by Hasan Kale

Coin Painting

Micro Painting

Banana Painting

Micro Art

Cherry Painting

Small Paintings

Rice Painting

Painting by Hasan Kale

Micro Art

Tiny Paintings by Hasan Kale

Coffee Bean Painting

Small Painting

Seashell Painting

Miniature Paintings

Butterfly Painting

Art by Hasan Kale

Fly Painting

Tiny Painting

Shell Painting

Tiny Art

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  1. Minions

    oh my, the rice grain

  2. Catherine

    He must have needed a microscope for the rice one

  3. Dominic


  4. Kiwi

    He’s very talented! Love the all artworks!

  5. gunneos

    excellent, now do my nails.

  6. Michael Gunawan

    that is one steady hand

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