Modern Safe House

Modern Safe House

Secure house designed by KWK Promes transforms into a modern fortress.

When the “Panic” button is pressed, concrete panels and walls move in to protect the house from attacks.

During peace times, the occupants of this 6,100 sq. ft. house can swim in the swimming pool or watch movies projected on a giant screen.

Secure House

Safe House


Fort House

Modern Fortress



Modern Safe Home

Modern Interior

Modern House

Stylish Interior

Modern Swimming Pool

Safe Home

House Projector

Fortress House

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  1. Jam


  2. Truthiness

    Who knew zombie fortresses could be so stylish?

  3. shante

    perfect for zombie apocolypse!

  4. Michael

    So, if I initiate the panic button from the outside can we lock the inhabitants inside it?

    Possibly filming for a Reality TV Show.

  5. kenadie

    whats so cool..

  6. write

    this is anti vampire house… :D

  7. nipian


  8. Brandon

    Looks awesome to me. But does that big garage door defeat the purpose of big movable concrete windows and concrete draw bridges? They should try raising a big concrete slab up from the ground and dropping a slab from the roof to fortify that side of the structure. They could even keep the big garage door for everyday use.

  9. Brandon

    @Michael. They would probably able to get on the roof and get down from there, but if I were the owner, I’d want a tunnel or two as well.

  10. gem


  11. Jim

    A bit on the paranoid side … but still pretty awesome

  12. Z

    A zombie/vampire safe house? ARE YOU SERIOUS????
    They’ll just tunnel under it!

  13. Aerwhyn

    Who else thought of Minecraft when they saw this?

  14. DVZ

    well you cant dig concrete ‘Z’ ok

  15. J

    did anyone else think zombie apocalypse safe house?

  16. ThePandjoel

    a bulletproof one,,:-)

  17. Shirley

    On one hand, I think people would feel more determined to break into the house since it’s so protected. People are going to think there must be something so valuable that they need that kind of house. On the other hand, it does provide a strong sense of security for the family. Parents wouldn’t have to worry about their children getting kidnapped. Plus, I love the modern touch to the whole design.

  18. ancre

    Zbigniew Boniek on the screen :)

  19. digital zombie


  20. Wes

    Perfect for the vacation home you have to leave unattended for 6 months of the year.

  21. ccc


  22. Tahmine


  23. Jacob

    I know where I’m going when zombies take over lol

  24. Diana

    I think it’s an awesome idea for the paranoic type but for my taste it lokks too industrial from the outside, too much like a corporate office than a home where you could have a family and stuff…but still pretty cool

  25. Luis

    It could be a nice option for hard climate changes too.

  26. Nemby

    the best house for life

  27. Jesse

    any way for oxygen to go in when the house is “sealed”? lol… if not, wouldnt be so safe after a while huh? :P

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