Humans Covered in Honey

Humans Covered in Honey

Unique photo series by American photographer Blake Little features people covered from head to toe with delicious honey.

Buckets filled with golden honey poured onto the heads of fashion models.

American Photographer Blake Little

Photographer Blake Little

Model Covered in Honey


Blake Little Preservation

Blake Little

Blake Little Honey

People Covered in Honey

Models Covered in Honey

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  1. Andy

    What an absolute waste of honey. So sad! Also, these images could of have been way better staged. If your seriously going to put honey to waste, why not do it in absolute style and perfection?

  2. Eddie

    Sticky icky.

  3. Gert

    I can think of thousands of better uses for honey than this.

  4. eemke

    terrible waste of food ! and there are still people starving on this planet !

  5. Daffy

    Do not like it. Waste of honey.

  6. Felix

    I wonder what statement the artist was trying to portray by this?I feel bad for the bees.

  7. zaher

    What’s the point?

  8. kadal

    pooh *heavy breathing*

  9. Bonnie

    What a huge waste of HONEY!!!!!!!!!

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