Dual Snowboards

Dual Snowboards

Dual Snowboards give users the freedom to move around the mountain in new and exciting ways.

They can be ridden sideways just like regular snowboards, but also offer new possibilities for sliding, turning, and jumping in the snow park.

With one board on each foot, the user can walk on different terrain and easily maneuver around obstacles.

Dual Snowboards are compatible with all standard boots and bindings.

Put on your snowboard jacket and get ready to have some fun!

Dual Snowboarding

Dual Boarding


Winter Sport


Dual Board

Modern Snowboard

Dual Snowboard

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  1. monkeyitup321

    love it!

  2. Kev

    i saw these at bear mtn, CA

  3. J Jones

    So f-in genius!

  4. Ben

    Or otherwise known as skis

  5. Joe


  6. Steve

    I hope this is a joke…

  7. Dominic

    is it patent’d?

  8. Monica

    When we were little kids my brother took cafeteria trays and screwed straps to them for our boots. He should have developed those I guess :/

  9. douglas

    @Ben – especially as they growth in length and shrink in width, for better control of course !

  10. roxy

    duuuuuuuude! that looks awesome! although i’d probably be a threat to myself and others if i tried them.

  11. marek

    perfect for breaking your ass and drowning in powder. can be fun though, but having separated feet was the reason why I quit skiing.

  12. mel

    how do you stop?

  13. ziggy

    Less surface area means less stability… If you were to come off a serious drop in some fresh powder, you’d probably sink. I don’t think they’ll be any better then my snowboard, but I could be wrong. Great idea for messing around:)

  14. Brandon

    I saw them at Mt High! They were giving demos up on the moutain, they were really easy and fun to ride!

  15. Ninja Egg :D

    This is a ridiculous idea. The 4th picture looks really dumb. Wouldn’t wan’t to be caught using those in that situation. Seems really embarrassing and awkward.

  16. Warrior

    It’s a good idea in theory, but do to the length of the boards, there is not a lot of balance and speed. Meaning no big tricks. Just good fro bumming around on the hill unfortunately.

  17. Healthy Pursuits

    This looks great! I’ve been thinking about snowboarding. My grandson is into it. I’ll have to send this link to him.

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