Backpack Camping Tent

Backpack Camping Tent

Portable camping tent designed by David Shatz transforms into a backpack.

Sleeping bag inspired camping tent folds and unfolds like an accordion.

David Shatz

Backpack Tent

David Shatz Camping Tent

David Shatz Tent

David Shatz Backpack Camping Tent

Camping Tent Backpack

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  1. Jury

    On the legs. Floors to turn into a hammock.

  2. Pearl Lambie

    Nope, my little MSR pop up tent is ten times smaller than this, no doubt weighs much less and can have ventilation. This is not practical.

  3. iluvgert

    Straight outta WWII.

  4. Zaher Sahyoun

    I like the idea but it need more improvement to be more efficient

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