V12 Espresso Machine

V12 Espresso Machine

Beautiful coffee machines, designed and handcrafted by Espresso Veloce, look like powerful Formula 1 car engines.

Limited edition V12 Espresso Machine will look great in the kitchen or garage of any car enthusiast. Place it on your Lamborghini Desk.

Coffee Machine

V12 Engine Espresso Machine

V12 Engine Coffee Maker

V12 Engine Coffeemaker

Espresso Veloce

V12 Coffeemaker

V12 Coffee Maker

V12 Coffee Machine

Coffee Maker

V12 Engine Coffee Machine

Espresso Machine

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  1. Rafeek

    I love it

  2. Tahere

    What a robotic idea!

  3. Swiper Fox

    This V12 Espresso Machine may as well fill up the “Piston Cup” :-)

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