Laser Cut Sushi

Laser Cut Sushi

Modern seaweed decorated with beautiful patterns and designs will help you make unusual sushi rolls.

“Design Nori” laser cut sushi seaweed designed by I&S BBDO for Umino.

Laser Cut Seaweed

Designer Sushi

Laser Cut Sushi Seaweed

Designer Sushi Seaweed

Design Nori

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  1. Critical Eye

    Beautiful, but it seems like there should be a cheaper/faster way of manufacturing these wrappers than laser cutting.

  2. Laserbro

    Critcal Eye, Laser cutting these days is an incredibly cheap process, it also doesn’t rely on sharp steel cutters which need maintenance to keep the tolerances.

    For this application with something that has to be food safe, laser is probably the cheapest and fastest method to do this.

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