Invisible Beach Hut

Invisible Beach Hut

Reflective beach hut designed by ECE Architecture blends into environment and does not distract from breathtaking ocean views.

Mirrored beach hut made out of wooden panels and laser-cut mirrors.

Reflective Beach Hut

Mirror Beach Hut

ECE Architecture

Beach Hut

ECE Architecture Mirrored Beach Hut

Mirrored Beach Hut

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  1. Pearl Lambie

    Looks hot as heck and probably won’t last long with kids throwing rocks at it. Also can’t quite agree with the premise that it doesn’t distract from the view. WHY is it smack in the middle of the beach?! But whatever!

  2. ts

    I can see it

  3. Cheryl

    I imagine this would hurt your eyes on bright, sunny days

  4. pTc

    What beach hut?

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