Knitting 3D Printer

Knitting 3D Printer

Digital knitting machine knits patterns that were designed on the computer.

Kniterate automatically turns computer designs into perfectly knitted scarves, beanies, dresses, and sweaters. Design and press knit!

Knitting Printer

Digital Knitting Printer

Digital Knitting 3D Printer

Digital Knitting Machine

Knitting Machine


Kniterate Digital Knitting Machine

Digital Knitting

Kniterate Knitting Machine

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Don’t let a cat at the end of your knitted yarn.
    It may unravel and make a yarn ball out of it.

  2. Critical Eye

    This isn’t a 3d printer.

  3. Bob

    You misspelled Loom

  4. Gert

    This is a computerized knitting machine not a printer. Please don’t try being hipster just to get clicks.

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