Water Powered Hoverbike

Water Powered Hoverbike

Innovative flying bike allows people to reach heights of up to 30 ft (9 m) and speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h).

Experienced users will be able to dive below water (up to 10 ft) and do insane aerial tricks such as 360 degree barrel rolls and back flips.

Water powered Jetovator is priced at $8,975 USD.

Water Powered Bike

Water Powered Flying Bike

Jet Bike

Water Bike

Water Powered Jet Bike


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  1. Sharyn

    That looks like so much fun! Although, I suspect that guys comment “It hurts a lot if you don’t do it right” is probably a huuuuge understatement.

  2. alireza

    It is very exciting

  3. Enrico Martinez

    The hose’s length is the limit.
    I have seen one decades ago in one of McGyver’s episode.

    McGyver & son was trapped in a warehouse with a roofhatch is the only way out.

    McGycer can’t climb due to a broken arm; but instructed his son to make a harness to be tied to the firetruck’s hose.

    Once their apparatus was made, they’ve strapped in and activated the water hose and made through the roofhatch.

  4. Douglas

    Looks like fun and a lot safer than the backpack version.

  5. Bobby Jean

    Bittersweet reminder of boot camp, firefighting day … where we learned how *not* to handle fire hoses …. ahem …

  6. Math

    I want the hoverboard!! Just like in Back to the futur!

  7. Mark

    Awesome . . . until you get a brick face full of water when you do it wrong. It would be fun to try. I’d be the one who comes floating back to the top after crashing and my swim trunks would be off of me and wrapped around the hose!

  8. asdfg

    it looks like it’s attached to that jet ski. :/

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