Air-Conditioned Shirt

Air-Conditioned Shirt

Innovative shirt with integrated cooling fans will help you stay cool in the office.

K-200Y air-conditioned shirt designed by Japanese company Kuchofuku.

K-200Y Shirt

Kuchofuku K-200Y Shirt

Cooling Fans Shirt


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  1. Swiper Fox

    it makes you look fatter.
    fans are probably removable since the shirt needs to be washed occasionally.
    let’s hope the battery won’t burn / explode.

  2. Teal Green

    This would be perfect if you worked in a restaurant that used these types of shirts.

  3. Walter Terdel

    It’s a very enviro-friendly solution. Why spend thousands of watts cooling an entire building when the only thing you really need to cool is a small area of your skin.

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