Street Art by David Zinn

Street Art by David Zinn

Wonderful chalk art on sidewalks, roads, and walls drawn by Michigan based street artist David Zinn.

Temporary three-dimensional drawings of cute and adorable characters.

Sidewalk Chalk Art

David Zinn Chalk

Cute Street Art

David Zinn Chalk Art

American Street Artist David Zinn

Street Artwork

David Zinn

Street Artist David Zinn

American Artist David Zinn

Beautiful Chalk Art

David Zinn Art

Artist David Zinn

American Chalk Art

David Zinn Street Art

Street Art

Whimsical Chalk Art

Chalk Art

Cute Chalk Art

Whimsical Street Art

American Street Art

Cool Chalk Art

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  1. Kathy

    These drawings are delightful! It would be so much fun to come across these during a walk. Very creative.

  2. John

    I always enjoy these posts.

  3. Niall

    Why aren’t these people being paid to brighten up our streets & buildings permanently?

  4. Kat

    Here is another one of his that I found on a sidewalk in downtown Ann Arbor

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