Three Wheeled Motorcycle

Three Wheeled Motorcycle

Innovative motorcycle from Yamaha has two front wheels that provide better stability and cornering at high speeds.

New 2019 Yamaha NIKEN – advanced leaning three wheeled motorcycle.

3 Wheeled Motorcycle

Yamaha Three Wheeled Motorcycle

Yamaha Three Wheel Motorcycle

3 Wheel Motorcycle

Yamaha Motorcycle

Yamaha NIKEN Motorcycle

Three Wheel Motorcycle

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  1. Swiper Fox

    So… its a Motorized Tricycle.
    Does it really need that rod to stand by itself? For stability, it already has three wheels/points of contact with the ground.

  2. m

    Nothing innovative here.
    Done already several years ago by Piaggio.

    Never see any of these.

    Another one of those things that can be done but so what? Useless.

  3. Md Nayeem

    Wow!! but what about it’s speed, can compete with others???

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