Skull Made of Cocaine

Skull Made of Cocaine

Realistic human skull made by Diddo out of compression molded cocaine.

Over the years, humans learned to control their environment, but we never learned to control ourselves.


Cocaine Skull

Diddo Skull

Cocaine Skull

Diddo Cocaine Skull

Human Skull Made of Cocaine

Skull Made out of Cocaine

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  1. Michele


  2. Jônattas Cazumbá

    Oh, nice assimilation between death and drugs!

  3. deep

    May I eat it? :D

  4. Swiper Fox

    Stoned to Death…

  5. Mish Varney

    Not to be sniffed at….

  6. Greg Koralewski

    Where did they take such amount of material from? :)

  7. LJ

    Is this one of Pablo Escobars art pieces

  8. Pearl Lamie

    This seems unlikely!

  9. Barrie Hall

    I wonder about this, as it says commissioned work. This means it was sold. So the artist trafficked illegal drugs as well as bought with the intent to traffic, then posted evidence of this online. Now it is an interesting concept and was pulled off very well, but I can not see how this was legal.

  10. Rob

    ummm…. I wonder what the street value of this would be? Average weight of human skull is 2.2 lbs. Street value of 1 lb cocaine is $8k – $13k depending on purity and location…. so this piece of “art” has a street value of between $16k – $26k. That’s an expensive skull XD

  11. Ashe

    The artist probably had premonition from the government is not well umm sorry to say but you might get into some trouble.

  12. Gert

    What did he do with the left overs?

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