Bookshelf with Secret Drawer

Bookshelf with Secret Drawer

Modern bookshelf with integrated hidden drawer for your money, passport, jewelry, stamps, and other valuables.

Designed by Japanese company Torafu, wooden bookshelf contains secret metal drawer that can only be opened with magnetic keys.

Torafu Shelf

Shelf with Hidden Drawer

Drawer Bookshelf

Shelf with Secret Drawer


Bookshelf with Drawer

Drawer Shelf

Bookshelf with Hidden Drawer

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  1. Chari

    I want one of these! Great storage idea!

  2. minions

    simple brillance!

  3. NiDaa

    Elegant, simple and efficient I simple love it. :)

  4. Matt


  5. Gert

    Take my money!!!

  6. Erin

    LOVE IT!

  7. Jimbo

    Isn’t it amazing how simplicity astounds us all. Big YES. Want one.

  8. Mark

    Sign me up!

  9. Barrie G. Hall

    I have made these before. Not hard to do. Great idea and I love that someone is doing it now. I love what you can do with magnates.

  10. PRIVY

    give it to meeeeeee

  11. Karen

    Dude that’s awesome! Do want.

  12. Elbot120

    Only one problem, 2 neodymium (super strong) magnets could also open it if someone found out….
    I would 100% get this thing!

  13. Liss721ny

    Where can you buy this and the flexible book shelves ??

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