Self-Balancing Unicycle

Self-Balancing Unicycle

Solowheel electric unicycle is a personal transportation device that is more compact than any folding bicycle.

Powered by 1000 watt motor, $1500 Solowheel consists of gyro sensors, two foldable foot platforms, and a battery. It weighs only 20 pounds, has a top speed of 12 mph, and can travel 12 miles on a single charge.



Electric Unicycle

Solowheel Electric Unicycle

Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle

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  1. Shaun


  2. peppy

    Oh my! Everything the Segway isn’t.

    This thing is awesome!

  3. Art of Concept

    Looks really cool!

  4. Jack(A.Z)

    Life is going to be as easiest as it can…

  5. DAN


  6. Piecebypeace

    Lazy people. Lazy people everywhere.

  7. Rindane

    i am curious about this product. i think the person who use it, would seek a place to grab with his hands. but cool anyway.

  8. Lucky

    People … USE YOUR FEET! 12 miles? come on!

  9. Lulu-Chan

    it it very cool! but no walking = people gaining weight

  10. Senjugudin

    But it still can’t replace the walk system cause due the fact it doesn’t seem to have a braking system.

  11. dhanesh

    it must strictly be sold to people over 50yrs or disabled…

  12. Danyell

    People need to calm down. Has *any* kind of vehicle “replaced walking”?

  13. JoeWar

    Yeah, it’s cool, until the rider hits a curb or a stick on the ground and goes flying. This is a stupid invention because it is dangerous. No way to prevent an accident.

  14. KellyNoBrainer

    Dumbest gadget yet-older people have a poor sense of balance and couldnt carry the wheel- nothing to hold on to you will wind up with a broken hip- liabilty insurance is necessary to operate it in case you hit someone by mistake- this is the most dangerous stupid thing I have ever seen.

  15. Kyle

    I would love to see a fat person on this . . Very practical if you work 12 miles or less from where you live and don’t want a car.
    For the haters try walking 12 mph

  16. Mac

    I’m just saying… I don’t think it would cause all that much weight gain. Have you ever tried to hold your balance on a single wheel without exerting any amount of energy? To be honest, I think it would be a better calorie-burner than walking itself.

  17. 222

    i bet there is a weight limit… for all you who say people will gain weight.

  18. 2LV2

    I Love This!

  19. jaqi mugo

    How does it do up and down hills? And is the speed constant or can you speed up and slow down?

  20. Radu

    If everyone would use this there would be chaos, you’d have to make traffic rules for people using it, and also a collision between two people using this wouldn’t be that pleasant. Also, I don’t see how can you brake or control the speed. I think it’s stupid and I would rather use an electric or regular bicycle.

  21. sauerkrautmaiden

    i’m not really worried about people gaining weight b/c you are actually more active using this than sitting in a car or on the bus… but it doesn’t seem very practical… i would think you’d want to hold on to something, especially if you are going a longer distance. and the foot “pedals” seem rather small.

  22. Cola

    ….How do you stop.

  23. el_macabron

    i think that it moves the same way as the segway,b/c it’s composed by giroscopes that active the movement according to the way you place or move your feet, if you want to move forward you just have to tilt your body forward and you can stop just bowing yourself backward, the initial movement is just to plce yourself in the device, the same as a monocycle but a lot safer b/c you don’t have to move your feet while your moving even if didn’t want to.

  24. leo

    nice….! I want One.

  25. marcelo

    ***ING GENIUS!!!!

  26. quiltfanatic

    Never mind lazy. I see this as a tool for people who cannot walk easily but who don’t want to take a wheelchair into the mall or to the doctor’s office or to pick up their mail down the street. I see a lot of uses for this besides as a toy for yuppies.

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