Growing Clothes

Growing Clothes

Innovative shell clothing designed to expand and grow with your children.

Kids grow 7 sizes in first 2 years. This produces a lot of wasted clothing.

Petit Pli growing clothes designed by Ryan Mario Yasin can be easily adjusted to fit a range of different sizes.

Made out of breathable, ultra-lightweight, and waterproof materials.

Clothes that Grow

Petit Pli

Growing Clothing

Ryan Mario Yasin

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  1. Ádám

    How to wash?! What’s if injured/tear off? Seems not to much cotton in the fabrics, rather plastic… which is not comfortable to wear. I do not really understand the concept, but please light me up.

  2. eemke koppelman

    great idea !!

  3. Fajar

    I appreciate the idea of reducing fabric waste by making clothes that able to keep up with the user’s growth, but how do we wash it? and what if it got crumpled by the user’s activity, so we have to iron it? won’t the folding pattern disappear and leaves the cloth unable to back to its smallest form?

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