JetCycle Hydrofoil Pedal Boat

JetCycle Hydrofoil Pedal Boat

Human powered boat lets people fly on water, combining exercise and fun outdoor adventures like never before.

JetCycle – the world’s first hydrofoil pedal boat! Unleash the power of your legs as you pedal your way to speeds up to 20 km/h on water.

Innovative vessel combines the joy of pedaling with cutting-edge hydrofoil technology, allowing users to effortlessly glide on water.

While enjoying the excitement of flying above water, you will engage in a full body workout, making it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Hydrofoil Pedal Boat

Electric Hydrofoil Pedal Boat

JetCycle Pedal Boat


Pedal Boat

Electric Pedal Boat

JetCycle Boat

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