Best Halloween Costumes of 2010

Best Halloween Costumes of 2010

Collection of unique and memorable costumes from this year’s Halloween.

Up Halloween Costumes

Impressive pair of costumes inspired by Pixar’s popular movie Up.

Up Halloween Costumes

8-Bit Halloween Costume

Dan Liuzzi created an 8-bit version of his head for Halloween.

8-Bit Halloween Costume

Krang Halloween Costume

Unique costume inspired by the supervillain from TMNT universe.

Chilean Miner Halloween Costume

Halo Halloween Costumes

Series of cool Halo inspired costumes made by Shawn Thorsson.

Halo Halloween Costume

Jawa Halloween Costume

Great costumer made for a young Star Wars fan by her mother.

Robot Halloween Costume

Banksy Halloween Costume

George Schnakenberg’s Halloween costume inspired by Banksy.

Banksy Halloween Costume

Tron Halloween Costume

Awesome costume made from faux leather and EL Film strips.

Tron Halloween Costume

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  1. Lynchster

    The Banksy one is one of my favorites.

  2. Vitaliy

    Banksy costume is definitely one of the most unique costumes I’ve seen this year. So well done too.

  3. gunneos

    agreed. simple yet so creative and effective! don’t know if toxel has seen the (soiled) sanitary pad costume but i thought that was epic. go google it up!

  4. Art of Concept

    I agree, the Banksy one is really great. Jawa costume is wicked!!

  5. jaqi mugo

    I love the Tron!

    Have you guys seen the videos? I thought the Coca Cola Transformer and Robot costumes were great. The Chilean miner one is inspiring, was great to have good news on every news channel that time. :) The Krang is hilarious.

    The 8-bit is unique too. I like this post! :D

  6. Dreaming

    the UP house is AMAZING
    so much effort must have gone into that.

  7. The Guy

    You guys are just jumping on the Banksy bndwagon, there are much better cosumes here, not to talk away from that costume but, the ulimate robot, the UP, the jawa, the halos, DAYUMM! Well done on all these costumes people.

  8. Jonas

    I agree with most of you guys! Banksy ftw! =)

  9. Betty

    These are ALL amazing…everything costumes should be: witty, detailed, intelligent, incorporating special movement, sexy, imaginative…WOW! Thanks for these TOXEL.

  10. hugo

    I love bansky costume Looks like a comic.. ^^ Really nice

  11. G Loaf

    BANKSY ONE WAS AMAZING I also liked the Chilean miner (especially the way the candy goes in!!!) LMAO

  12. Raads

    people seem to forget that in halloween, people dress up to be SCARY!
    but still, nice ideas; the banksy one is awesome

  13. fabiangris

    bansky one…really nice

  14. ugh

    8-bit is best costume verry nostalgic

  15. wtyang24

    the jawa one is the cutest! :D

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