Tree Urinal

Tree Urinal

Innovate urinal designed by Aandeboom can be easily attached to any tree.

Perfect toilet for music festivals. Urinal can be hooked up to a sewerage system or connected to a portable tank with a pump.

P-Tree Urinal


Aandeboom Tree Urinal

Tree Toilet

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  1. Michele

    But what about the ladies?

  2. Ahmet


  3. sgh

    PoOr ladies every where

  4. f sdf

    men never had problems outdoor peeing,,its the ladies that need assistance

  5. criticaleye

    I guess these help prevent people from peeing everywhere…

  6. Shilov


  7. eemke

    and it helps the tree bacause the pee goes in the sewerage system or a cllecting tank ! and yes : something for the ladies please !

  8. MyFimoKitchen

    and hand wash?

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