Rolling Hotel

Rolling Hotel

“Tundra Lodge” hotel on wheels offers comfortable and relatively safe “Great White Bear Tours” in breathtaking northern Canada.

Tundra Lodge features 32 rooms, six toilets and four showers. Polar Rover provides ultimate polar bear viewing experience. [more info]

Great White Bear Tours

Polar Bear Hotel

Tundra Lodge

Moving Hotel

Tundra Lodge Adventure

Tundra Lodge Rolling Hotel

Polar Rover

Polar Rover

Polar Hotel

Polar Hotel on Wheels

Arctic Hotel

Arctic Hotel on Wheels

Great White Bear Lodge

Tundra Hotel on Wheels

Great White Bear Tour

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  1. eemke koppelman

    what kind of fuel do they use ? more pollution ? and how many bears have they ran over ? It doesn’t look like you can see them from the cockpit. not a realy good idea !

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