Modern Cabin

Modern Cabin

Aeroplane inspired cabin designed to be mounted on stilts or hang from trees.

The Fuselage: eco-friendly cabin made by Tree Tents from sustainably sourced wood and recycled aluminium.

The Fuselage

Aluminum Cabin

Tree Tents


Tree Tents Fuselage

Aerospace Cabin

Tree Tents Cabin

Metal Cabin

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  1. Patrick McGinty

    Just a glorified tent. No screens or plumbing for a sink or toilet shown. There is an exhaust pipe for a heater. I’d like to see the type of heater proposed. The edges of a bunk bed are shown, but no floor plan. The entrance/exit is not shown. An eyebolt centered on the structure would allow a boom to lift it and set it in place. Security from break ins at the ends should be addressed.

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