RGB Colors Marker

RGB Colors Marker

Marker pens and highlighters of the future will be able to produce any color by combining the Red, Green, and Blue colors using the RGB color sliders.

RGB Colors Marker concept designed and rendered by Berkay Gursoy.

Color Picker RGB Marker

Color Picker Marker

Color Picker Marker Pen

Color Picker Marker Concept

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  1. m

    That claim to produce any color is nonsense, as anyone who works with color knows.

    None of the various RGB models, and there are several, can reproduce the entire color spectrum.

    Look up RGB gamut and see for yourself just how limited RGB is.

    Why promote false information?

  2. Tab

    I guess that pen is meant to use pigments… I wonder how it will mix yellow. Yellow light can be mixed with green + red light, but that wont work with pigments. ;)

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