Bicycle Rain Shield

Bicycle Rain Shield

Removable weather protection designed to be attached to theĀ bicycle helps cyclists stay warm and dry.

Rain Rider will shield you from the snow, rain, and strong winds. It can be quickly folded into a small backpack when not in use.

Bicycle Shield

Rain Rider


RainRider Softtop

RainRider Softtopbike

Bike Shield

Bike Rain Shield

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  1. TangoBravo

    This is a great idea for all those places where the rain comes from ahead all the time. It also has the advantage of forcing you to build iron man like legs to make any head way; or just use an electric bike as is pictured here.
    For all those places where the wind comes form any other directions, you will get a free shower, and a ride you will never forget. Just make sure your life insurance is paid up.
    I think I’ll name it The Wind Scoop, or Tridecker running downwind to plunder the riches of the Orient.

  2. Stuart Halliday

    Might make turning a corner difficult?

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