Electric Yellow Moped

Electric Yellow Moped

Lightweight electric motorcycle features cool yellow design inspired by classic look of construction tools and old synthesizers.

Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1 – electric moped designed by Torkel Doehmers.

Innovative modular bike frame made with simplicity in mind engineered to be customized with extra features like a holder for your phone.

Modern body structure influenced by mid-century architecture, built around two structural walls and filled with functionality.

Say goodbye to noisy engines and hello to total silence with the TD-MP1’s electric power.

Not just practical transportation, it is a work of art that you can ride.

Electric Moped

Moppe Apparatus by Torkel Doehmers

Electric Motorcycle Yellow

Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1

Electric Yellow Motorcycle

Torkel Doehmers

Yellow Electric Moped

Yellow Electric Motorcycle

Torkel Doehmers Moppe Apparatus

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