Megaphone for your iPhone

Megaphone for your iPhone

Horn shaped iPhone speaker, designed by Italian company en&is, allows you to listen to your favorite music without headphones.

Ceramic megaphone will amplify the sound of your iPhone or iPod Touch. It does not use any electricity and comes with elegant wooden stand.

Megaphone for iPhone

iPhone Megaphone



Megaphone Stand

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    This looks very cool and I love the environmentally friendly and artistic design!

  2. -_-

    AMAZING!!!! i really want one but the only default to this design its just not portable if they made a mini one that was portable that would be amazing! but still could be as loud as the big one!

  3. pTc

    Yes Im sure the process of firing ceramics is far more environmentally friendly than another amplification method.

  4. wat

    399 euros?
    I think I’ll pass

  5. Danyell

    Plays music without headphones?? WOW!

    Oh wait, don’t they have, like…speakers?

  6. Art geek

    Artful and elegant.
    Truly beautiful.

  7. redhood

    OMG love it!

  8. David

    Italians do it better!!!

  9. karen ho fatt

    Horn of plenty indeed. Very attractive indeed. It is very cool how speakers are getting integrated into our living environments these days.

  10. MasterOche

    Woah! It sure give a new meaning to blow a horn!!!!

  11. Darrell

    Hah I’ve had this idea for so long. Of course someone else gets around to actually making one before me XD

  12. bananaman

    I think the idea is very thoughtful. Wouldn’t be for me though.

  13. Marco Rossi

    Fantastic Christmas gift for all iPhone, iPod friends

  14. Gert

    pTc is obviously mad they did not think of this first. Yes yes, lets all stop buying dishes, stove tops, crockery in general and assorted aeronautic as well as other industrial parts because firing ceramics is bad for the environment. Oh wait, no, lets all go back to living in caves and eating raw meat because that’s environmentally sustainable.

    Hmmm…. catching on to the sarcasm at the more envro than thou tude yet? Just checkin.

    Personally I think it’s much cooler than constantly using electricity for every little thing. The only energy used is in it’s creation and transportation to your home. Then it’s environmentally neutral the rest of it’s working life. Unlike socks, you don’t even have to wash it.

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