Cat Bed Leather Chair

Cat Bed Leather Chair

Multifunctional chair with integrated cat bed underneath its comfortable seat is made of only three aluminum tubes and two pieces of leather.

The 6-alloy Chair designed by Jing-Cyuan Tang for SUNRIU is very easy to assemble with screwed joints and individual parts can be replaced.

It features replaceable leather covers that can be effortlessly cleaned and quickly replaced with a few simple buttons.

Crafted out of recyclable materials, the chair is not just soft for your pet cat but also kind to the environment.

The Cat Bed Leather Chair is the purr-fect blend of style and functionality.

The 6-alloy Chair

Cat Bed Leather Chair by Jing-Cyuan Tang

The 6-alloy Chair by SUNRIU

The 6-alloy Chair by Jing-Cyuan Tang

Cat Bed Leather Chair by SUNRIU

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