Elevated Bus

Elevated Bus

Innovative road-straddling bus designed in China drives over traffic lanes.

Eco-friendly electric “Land Airbus” replaces multiple buses, allows cars to pass underneath, reduces pollution, and costs less than subway.

China Bus

Land Airbus

Chinese Bus

Air Bus

Elevated China Bus

Elevated Air Bus

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  1. John

    – Cost of this vehicle : more than a normal bus, tramway or trolleybus
    – fragility of this vehicle : more than a normal bus, tramway, or trolleybus
    – cost of the elevated stations with escalators and stairs for this vehicle : more than..
    – practicability of the stations for this vehicle : less than .. (less accessibility, specially for disabled people in rolling chair)

    A false response, a totally silly and expensive response, to a real great problem :

    The problem is : oo much cars on this road, and not enough bus, tramway or trolley on a reserve lane :
    they have only to change a cars-line on a only bus-trolley-tram line, and then, the traffic jams will disappear.

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