Fallen Princesses

Fallen Princesses

Unique photo series by Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein shows what happens to Disney Princesses when fairytale ends and real life begins.

Realistic version of the “happily ever after”. Princesses have to deal with failed dreams, jobs, obesity, war, and other real world problems.


Photographer Dina Goldstein


Fallen Disney Princess


Fallen Princess


Fallen Princesses Photo Series

Little Red Riding Hood

Dina Goldstein

The Princess and the Pea

Fallen Princesses Book


Modern Princesses

Sleeping Beauty

Fallen Princesses Series


Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein

Snow White

Fallen Disney Princesses

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  1. james

    Jasmine looks niice

  2. Habub

    Red hood was the most hilarious one. HAHA

  3. Martin


  4. JJ

    Interesting concept. Some of these are well executed and other’s fall a bit short of the mark. The best pictures are when the “real life” photos are loosely based on the princess’ story (e.g., the little mermaid and jasmine). However, the photo of Belle getting plastic surgery kind of goes against her story since she always cared about books and not necessarily looks.

  5. Swiper Fox

    What happened to Cinderella & Snow White?
    They should be rich. They are both married to their prince.

  6. fernando marquez baute

    very funny. Muy simpatico.

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