Upside Down Shower

Upside Down Shower

Innovative outdoor shower designed by Danny Venlet for Viteo can be easily transported and installed in any garden, terrace, or balcony.

Step onto the Upside Down Shower: Refreshing water streams will erupt from below, rise over your head, and gently fall down like summer rain.

Portable shower for your backyard.

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  1. GoMuhammad

    I can feel the sensation, but i think we can’t use it everyday.

  2. Chewie

    Would be annoying if the water got sprayed in you’re eyes or somewhere private, wonder how strong the water is. Would be fun to use if you were covered in mud but the shower, would stick to old school.

  3. Dax

    It would suck if the streams went up your nose.

  4. jay gilliam

    I don’t see any goose pimples of those folks. All that comes from my garden hose is 100% COLD.

  5. pTc

    My definition of innovative isn’t to simply turn something upside down.

  6. Gert

    Oh look… they invented a kid’s toy and marketed it to adults.

  7. Masteroche

    Nice Sprinkler!! C

  8. Jlahr

    How long until the holes clog? Reminds me of a giant bidet.

  9. Alex

    So… this is a sprinkler that is “socially acceptable” to bathe in?

  10. JT

    Might be good for RV camping or removing salt water by ocean side / beach. Hope they are working on the deluxe version with an in-line water heater!

  11. Pete

    The idea is a bit dumb for a number of reasons, including:

    1. You’re fighting gravity. You’ll need more water and more water pressure to do the same job as a top-down shower.

    2. Hair is usually the main thing you want to rinse out. This will do a poor job of that compared to a normal shower.

    3. If the water is of sufficient pressure to reach your head, it’s not going to feel good on your, ahh, soft bits.

    4. The fake slow-mo in the video was painful to watch. Felt like a student’s first attempt.

    5. Unlike a normal shower, the waistline of the person on it directly impacts whether or not their topside gets clean.

    6. Unless put on a perfectly level surface, the rain isn’t going to fall as expected. Put it in the yard and expect half the water to just fly off to the side.

  12. Joe

    ^ You must be a riot at parties…

    Pretty sure this already existed, anyway.

  13. Gabriel Tozarin

    I think it waste water.

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