Ventete Collapsible Helmet

Ventete Collapsible Helmet

Collapsible bicycle helmet fits discreetly into your bag, ready to be inflated in just 30 seconds whenever you need it.

Ventete aH-1 is an inflatable, micro-collapsible cycle helmet designed for convenience and portability.

Compact when deflated, bicycle helmet can be easily carried anywhere.

Innovative Collapsible Helmet is the result of ten years of development in London and is crafted in Switzerland to the highest standards.

Inflatable Helmet

Perfect helmet for those who prefer the convenience of micro-mobility options like bike-sharing services or electric scooters.

Micro-Collapsible Helmet

As cities continue to evolve and embrace more sustainable modes of transport, the Ventete aH-1 is poised to become an essential accessory.

Compact design and collapsible technology make this helmet the ideal choice for modern cyclists who are always on the go.

Ventete aH-1 Helmet

When deflated, Ventete Helmet is more compact than a laptop, making it easy to carry discreetly and conveniently wherever you go.

Ventete aH-1 Bicycle Helmet

The Ventete aH-1 can be inflated in just 30 seconds, ensuring you never have to compromise on safety even during unplanned trips.

Collapsible Bicycle Helmet

Having inflatable helmet with you means you’re always prepared to safely ride a bike, reducing the risk of head injuries.

Ventete Helmet

Traditional helmets can be bulky and cumbersome, often left behind because they’re inconvenient to carry.

Collapsible Helmet

Knowing that you can effortlessly carry your helmet and inflate it when needed encourages more frequent cycling and spontaneous rides.

Ventete Inflatable Helmet

Ventete aH-1 Collapsible Helmet designed for the modern cyclist who values portability and safety.

Ventete Micro-Collapsible Helmet

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