Whale Butter Dish

Whale Butter Dish

Charming butter dish with playful whale design will make a delightful addition to any dining table.

Whale Butter Dish designed by Akira Yoshimura is crafted in Takaoka, Japan, known for its exceptional metalwork.

Creative dish holds a 200g stick of butter and features engraved 10g measurements for precision.

Made from durable cast aluminum, it cools quickly and can be refinished.

Whale’s jaw edges elevate the body for cleanliness, and a handcrafted brass spout adds an elegant touch.

Bring some charm to your table with unique whale shaped butter dish.

Akira Yoshimura Whale Butter Dish

Whale Shaped Butter Dish

Whale Inspired Butter Dish

Butter Dish Whale

Whale Butter Dish by Akira Yoshimura

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