LEGO Anatomy

LEGO Anatomy

Eye-catching sculptures created by talented artist Jason Freeny show the anatomy of LEGO minifigures.

Skeleton, teeth, internal organs, and other body parts were hand sculpted into oversized versions of LEGO figures.

LEGO Anatomy by Jason Freeny

LEGO Anatomy Sculpture

Anatomy of LEGO by Jason Freeny

Dissecting LEGO

Dissected LEGO

Anatomical LEGO

Anatomy of LEGO

Jason Freeny

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  1. whaa

    is the brain in the belly? O_O

  2. sam

    i would love to have one. but where can u get them from

  3. Mel

    That would be great for teaching kids!

  4. Jhonny

    @whaa, that would be the small intestines.
    @sam, that would be a custom job. You won’t find it unless these guys are selling it privately.
    @Mel, kids these days would be freaked out by this :D

  5. Amy

    @whaa no that’s the small intestine. though it does look a bit like brains, but brains are grey (I think)

  6. Gert

    *facepalm* lol

  7. Rattanak

    Wow! that’s awesome.

  8. kadal

    i want the baby anatomy doll….its interesting me more than the lego’s

  9. Me

    You read my mind. -___-

  10. Atavar

    What’s the bumpy part of the legoman anatomy i see when i pull the legs off at the waist? Is this some kind of dual spine setup?

  11. Michael

    where can you purchase these anatomical legos from? My grandkids would love them. Thank You

  12. johann

    is it possible to buy one?

  13. Shawn Davis

    Legos were the #1 toy for me,3 brothers and my sister.The possibilities were endless- until you run out of blocks.(Of course we always ran out and someone would have to sacrifice their creation so the new things could be built.) Every Christmas we got another huge box of Legos to add to the growing collection.My youngest brother ended up with them all. He would love to have those.Where can I buy them ?

  14. Destiny Miner

    Is it possible to purchase one for my classroom?

  15. Antonio Ramirez Alba

    Is it possible to purchase one for my medical office?

  16. iris

    Were can i buy it ?

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