Waterfall Restaurant

Waterfall Restaurant

Amazing restaurant located near a beautiful waterfall at the Villa Escudero resort in the Philippines offers unique and memorable dining experience.

Delicious local food is served on bamboo tables right under the waterfall. Clear water gently runs over the feet of the customers.

Waterfall Restaurant Villa Escudero

[photo by: Daniel Nicholson]

Waterfalls Restaurant

[photo by: deklad56]

Restaurant Under Waterfall

[photo by: Kostas Trovas]

Villa Escudero

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  1. Diego

    looks artificial *-* but i loved it! i wanna go there!

  2. monkeyitup321

    this is beautiful, but not if you wanna wear your fancy shoes…

  3. Ali

    i have been there . this place is amazing, must see… :)

  4. Mon Sun C

    This is a cool experience to check out.

  5. Rickbdm

    I´d like to be there…a good place to talk with your mother in law…and try to listen her..perfect place!!

  6. D

    Didn’t Top Gear went there in one of there specials?

  7. Dave

    I’ve been there too! It’s quite pleasant. A perfect place to chill, move at a slower pace (literally) and relax a bit. :-)

  8. Chedie

    I haven’t been to Villa Escudero for a long time! I want to go back! XD

  9. Katzpawz

    I’ve never been to the islands – but it’s firmly planted on my Bucket List thanks to these photos!

  10. rit

    what in cold season?

  11. Cote

    i think it cool, but what happened with all the noice waterfalls make? does it make so much noice as a waterfall?
    but still i think it’s original

  12. Hannah

    I’ve been there!!!!

  13. Cmore

    Cote, it’s at an angle so I doubt it makes to much noise.

  14. Anne

    Rit, it’s in a tropical country. There are only summer and rainy seasons.

    Cote, the noise is similar to what a big waterfall would make at a distance, it’s not much of a problem.

  15. cowen

    if you think of it, kinda gross because its water and theres food. what if theres some chunks of chicken bones going around ur feet? gross right? haha

  16. Mahboob Ali Alvi


  17. fereidoon

    is the best Restaurant

  18. :p

    Got to go there. Looks amazing

  19. Mahdi

    Been there in Jan 2005 and loved the place :) simple and beautiful. enjoyed the food ofcourse.

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