LEGO Head Wall Clock

LEGO Head Wall Clock

Unique wall clock made out of genuine LEGO bricks looks like iconic yellow head of classic LEGO minifigure.

LEGO Head Wall Clock by LaBriqueterie comes in kit form, allowing you to relive the joy of assembling LEGO creations from your childhood.

Minifig Head Clock is packaged in a charming wooden box, complete with detailed instructions and the clock mechanism.

Comprising 277 distinct LEGO pieces in various sizes, LEGO wall clock is assembled in two parts that cleverly support each other.

Even the wall mounting is constructed from LEGO bricks, maintaining the authenticity of the beloved building blocks.

Perfect for LEGO enthusiasts and those who love a touch of creativity!

LEGO Minifigure Wall Clock

Minifig Head Wall Clock

LEGO Wall Clock

Clock Made of LEGO Bricks

LEGO Minifig Head Wall Clock

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