IKEA Shopping Bag Dress

IKEA Shopping Bag Dress

Creative dress made by Adriana Valdez Young out of IKEA shopping bag.

Buy something for your home and transform IKEA bag into unusual dress.

IKEA Bag Dress


Adriana Valdez Young

IKEA Dress

Shopping Bag Dress

Adriana Valdez Young IKEA Dress

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  1. Alba

    Everytime she moves, I’m gonna hate the sound.

  2. Gert

    well… it’s unique.

  3. mimi

    i love it

  4. criticaleye

    Well, it’s a dress, and it’s made of an IKEA shopping bag.

  5. mikea

    It’s a new way to look really cheap…

  6. Eddie

    Halloween on the subway.

  7. Swiper Fox

    Oops! I forgot to bring my shopping bag.
    Can I use that? Or can you carry it for me?

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