Human Powered Bar on Wheels

Human Powered Bar on Wheels

City Cycle is a unique party bus that allows 14 people to drink beer while they pedal and power the vehicle.

Inspired by similar inventions like the pedal pub and beer bike, this pedal powered bar features adjustable chairs, six loud speakers, LED lighting, and plenty of room for a forward seated designated driver.

Bar on Wheels

Pedal Powered Bar on Wheels

Human Powered Bus

City Cycle

Pedal Powered Bus

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  1. Koizora

    Drink and Drive? Nice :D

  2. Jules

    They don’t seem to be pedaling that hard, they actually seem to be cold!

  3. n-kun

    Cool!, like koizora says: Drink and Drive? Nice :D hehehehe

  4. ThePandjoel

    will the cop allow this ‘drink while driving’?:-P

  5. Norb

    Sorry, the word “unique” is not true. Here in Cologne, Germany we have this kind of party vehicycle at least since 2003-2005. And a lot German cities have this attraction also. It’s a problem here because of a leak in provisions in traffic. But the linked bike looks better in any way.

  6. Nisa Zul


  7. wayz

    @Norb: Thanks for sharing

  8. M.Abbas

    good work

  9. D

    Holland allready got that if I am correct.

  10. Cherry Blossom

    Hmm, I like, but it doesn’t look to safe.

  11. Jones

    This is not going to end well.

  12. Reilly

    St. Paul FTW. They’re in Minneapolis, too. They drive around singing really loudly LMFAO.

  13. Tom

    This is sooo old. Exists at least for 10 years already here in Holland. Quite annoying in traffic also, they’re too slow..

  14. Roy Tomeij

    @Norb: Same in Holland. It’s actually illegal to ride these in the city center of Amsterdam as of January 1 2011.

  15. Yona

    They just got banned from Amsterdam (after numerous accidents..)

  16. Johnny

    Too bad you gotta find a nerd to drive it around.

  17. WafflezMan

    I have actually BEEN on one of those things!!! I was in St. Paul about 3 years ago and I saw it on the curb… I asked what it was and I was amazed to find out it was a bar! And now it is on Toxel!

  18. MJ

    I wonder how much they have to pay for the insurance?

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