Weird and Creative Food Products

Weird and Creative Food Products

The world’s strangest, weirdest and the most unusual food products that will satisfy your hunger.

Squeez Bacon

Each tube contains 16 servings – equivalent to 64 slices of bacon.

Squeez Bacon

Sushi Popper

Portable tube with fresh pre-sliced sushi that is pushed up from bottom and is eaten from the top.

Sushi Popper

Gold Food Spray

Esslack food spray allows you to cover your favorite food with gold.

Gold Food Spray

Buddha Pear

Hao Xianzhang grows and sells Buddha shaped pears in China. [more]

Buddha Pear

Canned Cheeseburger

For the fans of extremely fast food: Cheeseburger in a can.

Canned Cheeseburger

Coffee Inhaler

Le Whif is a device that blows coffee particles into your mouth.

Coffee Inhaler

Chocolate Skull

Mori ex Cacao (Chocolate Death) is a set of tasty chocolate skulls.

Chocolate Skull

Daniel Craig Lollipop

Lollipop shaped like Daniel Craig’s torso designed by Del Monte.

Daniel Craig Lollipop

Bread on a Stick

Delicious looking cinnamon rolls on a stick are perfect for parties.

Bread on a Stick

Chocolate Pills

Pills made of chocolate will help you recover from most illnesses.

Chocolate Pills

Egg Roll

Egg Roll

Pyramid Watermelon

You can find pyramid shaped watermelons for sale in Japan.

Pyramid Watermelon

Pizza Cone

Delicious pizza in a cone is the latest trend to hit fast food industry.

Pizza Cone

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  1. Bob

    Pizza Cone, revolutionary! If we can take gyros then we can take pizza cones!

  2. andrew

    pizza cone looks amazing

  3. Art of Concept

    I want a pizza cone NOW! WOW!

  4. anttask

    Pizza cone !pizza cone ! Pizza cone !

  5. Jesse

    Those pizza cones are delicious! Had them at a food festival recently, oh so cheesy!

    That Buddha pear blows my mind

  6. Joas

    Wow da pizza!!!!!!

  7. jess

    so weird burger in a can
    buddha pear is amazing and all food should be shaped as buddhas from now on

  8. Catherine

    The wierdest for me is the bacon in a tube. I ask myself, why? The most mind bending is the egg. I ask myself, how?

  9. Darcy

    that pizza cone looks pretty darned tasty to me!

  10. James

    Toxel, I hate you, I’m hungry! =(

  11. Jochen

    Food Spray looks funny!

  12. Alex

    Pizza cone!!!
    And Gold Food Spray

  13. James Anzalone

    OK every other one was disgusting.

  14. dave e.

    That egg thing has been around for a long time. I worked in a restaurant in the Midwest, as a teenager, and they used these egg logs to slice up for salads. This was the late 70’s.

  15. latincrow

    :K (drool) pizza cone, also what is with the Japanese and messing with watermelons

  16. Jrob

    I like bacon, but the Squeez Bacon just goes a little too far. Makes my stomach turn.

  17. hope

    they should get the pizza cones at mc donalds!!!!

  18. Chedie

    I want to try all of these! XD

  19. emmajane

    i’ve been to some supermarkets in japan and they sell cube-shaped watermelons. They taste the same, they’re just grown in styrofoam boxes.

  20. Alex T

    Thats it, from now on I am only eating gold food, I can walk around telling people I am Midas while chowing down on a cone shaped pizza. a GOLD cone shaped pizza. Yeah thats right, cuh-ray-zee

  21. Marianne

    Those pizza cones are very popular here in Brazil.



    Chocolate skull a bit spooky.

    Love the gold spray!

  23. DDS

    How the heck do they keep the yolk like that in the egg roll? I just can’t understand

  24. chris betta

    i can eat gyros (pizza cone) everyday there are 4 shops in ma neighbour sellin it. these things are delicious and should be sold all around the world :D

  25. Ash

    There’s a pizza cone place in NYC. I wasn’t able to stop there on my last visit so I wouldn’t know how good it is but I’m definitely taking the time to eat there on my next trip to NYC!

  26. Alex

    pizza cone looks delicious, gold spray looks awesome and the bacon is just plain weird.

  27. wifka

    pizza cone,Indonesia has olready had it…we call it piramizza… :)

  28. Shazzam

    They should gold spray the pizza cone!

    it’s the Holy Pizza Cone!

  29. Giggles

    Ew… Squeeze Bacon!

    Mmmmmmmm….. pizza cone!

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