Disappearing Bed

Disappearing Bed

Innovative bed, designed by Julie Nabucet and Marc Baillargeon for a small apartment in Paris, completely disappears when not in use.

Comfortable bed transforms into a sofa or stays hidden underneath the floor of the kitchen area. Sliding platform makes transformation easy.

Brilliant space-saving design for a modern studio apartment.

Storage compartments with bed sheets are integrated into the stairs.

Hidden Bed

Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet

Julie Nabucet

Marc Baillargeon

Apartment with Disappearing Bed

Apartment with Hidden Bed

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    very nice and well space spacing technique!!

  2. lea

    this would make me make my bed. I do like the use of a small space. I wish small apartments were set up more like this to use all the space.

  3. Fakhri Dirgantara

    What a genius! In the small space, all you need to think, is how to use your spare space, and this designer took it to another level. I hope the bed is not so heavy though, it would be a pain pushing a heavy bed every morning

  4. Gert

    Cool idea for anyone who does not own a cat. lol

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