Rock Climbing Building

Rock Climbing Building

Unique dormitory building on the campus of Twente university in Enschede, Netherlands is equipped with 30 meter climbing wall.

Designed by Arons and Gelauff architects, this cool dorm has 87 student apartments. The climbing wall features over 2500 hand and foot grips.

Rock Climbing Dormitory

Climbing Wall Dormitory

Rock Climbing Apartment

Dormitory for Rock Climbers

Climbing Wall Apartment

Climbing Wall Building

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  1. Kev

    imagine living next to the wall…. “theres no room next door but i can hear people talking. is this place haunted?”

  2. Kat

    A building full of students, a country where smoking pot is legal and an easily accessible place for people to climb. I see no way that this could possibly go wrong…

  3. M

    @Kat: it may legal, but use of it is lower then in any other western country.

  4. Maddog

    It’s not legal – it’s decriminalised. Popular misconception.

  5. Douglas

    This is probably the highest point in the country!! Gotta practice somewhere. Kinda like the Dubai ski team.

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