Motorcycle for Wheelchair Users

Motorcycle for Wheelchair Users

Conquest is a three-wheeled motorcycle designed for people in wheelchairs.

Powered by a BMW engine, this wheelchair accessible motorcycle goes from 0 to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds and has a top speed of 105 mph.

Wheelchair Bike

Wheelchair Motorcycle

Handicap Accessible Motorcycle

Conquest Motorcycle

Wheelchair Accessible Bike


Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle

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  1. BUSH

    that is one awesome bike

  2. Rindane

    Cool one. I always appreciate this kind of products for handicapped people.

  3. Rick

    Although functional it lookes like a mastodont. I wonder if it can be made smaller and more in line to motorcycles and/or trikes.

  4. Moburkhardt

    too big

  5. Martin

    As soon as you have three wheels it’s a trike and not a motorcycle or motorbike. And I agree that it seems really bulky.

    If I recall correctly the one that OCC did was a bit smaller and seemed more nimble.

  6. Solrac

    To waste money building a mastodontlike that just buy a convertible car

  7. may

    Hell….i love it!!!

  8. Cairo

    Look this brazilian with his wheelchair on the road

  9. Luis Minaya

    Really usefull and helpfull!

  10. James Anzalone


    Well.. I suppose that in theory its a great idea, and I’m sure that its great for motorcycle enthusiasts who can no longer ride because of injury or whatnot..

    HOWEVER, in reality it seems like a small convertible car that has a motorcycle front on it. Can you really call that a motorcycle anymore?? Isn’t it just its own new separate class of vehicle?

  11. evie

    wonderful concept but way to bulky. Slim it down it, looks like a car.

  12. Y. tsye

    why not put the engine and fuel tank aside and make the vehicle a little shorter. he steering looks so……

  13. gil

    There is something like this for Passenger with Wheelchair?? not the driver..

  14. mark

    love it wish i could afford one great idea maybe when i win the lottery

  15. Cristina

    I think it looks beautiful. But it’s to bulky. I use to have a gsxr 750 I miss riding. This is more like a car then a bike. But great concept.

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