Swift Foldable Game Controller

Swift Foldable Game Controller

Portable version of ergonomic video game controller folds in half for easier storage and transportation.

Swift Game Controller designed by Przemyslaw Wolnicki for maximum portability and comfortable play, wherever you are.

With rubber covered metal hinge at the center for easy folding, Bluetooth controller quickly connects wirelessly to your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad.

Middle hinge ensures smooth folding and unfolding, while the controller’s back is also covered in soft rubber that provides secure grip.

Foldable video game controller was created for gamers who travel a lot.

Swift Foldable Controller

Designed for comfort, it ensures hours of gameplay without hand fatigue.

Foldable Game Controller

Foldable design makes it very easy to carry, perfect for gaming on the go.

Swift Folding Controller

Travel-Friendly: Made for gamers who travel frequently, ensuring you never miss a gaming session.

Swift Game Controller

Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to your phone, MacBook, or iPad without the hassle of wires.

Swift Folding Game Controller

Durability: Sturdy metal hinge and soft rubber covering make it both durable and comfortable.

Folding Controller

Stylish Design: Blue and black look adds a touch of style to your gaming gear.

Folding Game Controller

Space-Saving: Folds in half, taking up minimal space in your bag or drawer.

Foldable Controller

Game anywhere, anytime with innovative Swift Foldable Game Controller.

Przemyslaw Wolnicki Swift Game Controller

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