NES Controller Coffee Table

NES Controller Coffee Table

Wooden coffee table, created by Bohemian Workbench, looks and functions like a real NES controller.

Unique table was handcrafted out of mahogany, walnut, and maple wood.

When the glass cover is removed, the table transforms into a giant NES controller that people can use to play Super Mario and other games.

Nintendo Coffee Table

NES Table

Nintendo Controller Table

Nintendo Table

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

NES Coffee Table

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  1. reason

    Was that a blind dude playing? Awesome.

  2. Snufkin

    I’d love it even if it wouldn’t be functioning as an actual gaming pad too…
    but like this it’s even more hilarious :D

    bet it can get frustrating though if you wanna play with someone who hasn’t got the same skill like you do. anyway i’m waiting for the first record videos on youtube ;)

    want one!

  3. Enrico Martinez

    Best game ever!
    2 Players for a 1-Player Game.
    No competition! Only Cooperation.

    They already got a big TV, I wonder if they would upgrade their TV with a much bigger one to match the console.

  4. Justin Gardner

    Where would i get one and how much would it cost?

  5. paul

    good job

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