Snuuzu Inflatable Tesla Mattress

Snuuzu Inflatable Tesla Mattress

Inflatable double bed sized mattress designed for Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 cars provides a comfortable sleeping experience on the road.

Snuuzu mattress for your Tesla creates a flat sleeping surface, eliminating discomfort from uneven seats.

By releasing a little air from the air layer, you can achieve a softer feel and easily adjust the firmness of the mattress.

Portable car mattress for adventurous Tesla owners who love to camp.

Tesla Mattress

Tailored specifically for Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3, the Snuuzu mattress fits seamlessly, maximizing space and comfort inside your car.

Snuuzu mattress folds into a compact duffel bag that fits in the sub-trunk, making it easy to pack and transport without taking up valuable space.

Snuuzu Tesla Mattress

Ever seen a double bed disappear into a duffel bag? With the Snuuzu Tesla Mattress, it’s possible!

Tesla Car Mattress

Snuuzu multi-layer mattress with an organic top layer and supportive foam for a hotel-like sleeping experience in your Tesla car.

Snuuzu Self-inflating Tesla Mattress

Engineered to remain in form without external support, the mattress provides a stable sleeping surface, even when extending over the edges of the seats.

Tesla-Tailored Mattress

Turn your Tesla into a mobile bedroom with the Snuuzu Inflatable Mattress.

Self-inflating Tesla Mattress

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